Fun ‘O’ Rama @ GSCKG 2014

familyday2014Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten celebrated the importance of family bonding and togetherness on the 19th July 2014 (Saturday) by organising a slew of exciting games and fun activities for the whole family to be engaged in.

We aim to value and cherish every family as it provides children the love, security, respect, trust, identity and also their psychological needs for healthy developmental growth. The role of the family is vital to society as it transmit the values of a culture to the next generation. Children with good family values would be our future effective contributors to our society.

The fun events started at 10am for the 1st session families and 1pm for the second session families. There was a slight drizzle at about 12.30 pm but it did not hampered thrones of families in coming to participate in this special event. Well, let me recapitulate the activities on this family games day. Every GSCKG student would first collect his/her game card and a souvenir of a photograph frame at the entrance counter before he/she could participate in the various games stations. There were 9 games stations which included: Drama/Dance Demonstration, Beanie Words, Feed the Frog, Pick, Stack and Roll, Toss N Ring, Roll the Marbles, Pin Me, Blow Wind Blow, Hopscotch, Twister, Chapteh, Snake and Ladder. There was also a gigantic pirate bouncing ship which was a compliment from Beary Fun Gym Pte Ltd.

At the 1st station, children were having fun time swaying their hips to learn the Bollywood dance and not forgetting the martial arts dance from Kungfu Panda taught by teacher James Browning. They were also enthralled by the music made by the mini instrument, Ukulele which was demonstrated by teacher Lona. Some children were excited in making puppet masks at the art & craft booth.

At the 2nd station, children learnt words like kebab, bagel, juice, fries and drink from the “Beanie words’ station. The child had to throw each bean bag to the corresponding letter of the word he/she picked in order to win a prize. There was also an interesting game “Feed the Frog’ in which the child had to feed the frog by throwing the shinning foil egg into the mouth of the frog at station 3.

Over at station 4, there was a circuit setup entitled ‘Pick, Stack & Roll’. The child or family member could use his/her skill in picking the marbles with a pair of chopsticks and put it in the cup, then he/she would proceed to walk to the table to stack up the cups to form a pyramid. Finally, he/she needed to connect the structures to roll the ball down. Children found this task challenging especially the picking up of the marbles with a pair of chopsticks. Well guess what? Parents came to their child’s aid in the marble picking and this showed that no problem cannot be solved when a family stand united as one.

At station 5, ‘Toss ‘N’ Ring was another colourful table game where the child had to throw the rings over one of the coloured filled bottle. This game needed the child to have good eye-hand co-ordination and a good gauge of distance as well.

Station 6 entitled ‘Roll the Marbles’ which attracted many participants as they enjoyed the thrill of aiming well to roll the marble into the hole.

‘Pin Me’ was at station 7 and many children were gamed to try this with their eyes blindfolded and they needed to turn at least 3 rounds before they could pin the lost tail on the donkey. Parents were very keen in helping their children to nailed at the right spot by giving instructions on the directions ‘right’, ‘left’, ‘up’ and ‘down to them.

At station 8 ‘Blow Wind Blow’ awaited a competition game whereby two participants would compete by dropping the ping pong ball into the water trough and fan it from the starting to the end point. The first to reach the end point would be the winner. This game resulted in families cheering and encouraging their loved ones to do their best.

There was never a dull moment in this family games day and the children never seemed tired at all. Fret not as there were games at station 9 where children could play their favourite traditional games like captek, hopscotch, sepak takraw and board games like twister and snake and ladder.
Last but not least, children were also enjoying a wonderful time at the gigantic pirate bouncing ship which had unleashed their boundless energy.

This special family games day ‘Fun O’ Rama’ soon came to a close and many families were still hanging around interacting with one another. We would also like to lift our hats off to the parents for putting their work aside and to ‘unplug’ themselves from all distractions like smartphones, iPad, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to attend and support this amazing event. This event had indeed brought many GSCKG families to spend quality time and precious moments which allowed everyone to bond together. This would no doubt be a wonderful memory that the children and their families would cherish and remember in their lifetime.

Written by Mrs. Margaret Spruyt