K2 Camp: Kite Flying 2014

31st May 2014

It’s time to share our wonderful K2 Overnight Camp experience. This year the children were taken to Marina Barrage for a fun and exciting Kite Flying experience.
The children gathered at school and were split up into five groups. Each group discussed and came up with awesome names (Awesome, Interesting, Frozen, Brave and Marvellous). They were then greeted by the Kite Flying facilitators, who briefed and shared with them on the safety rules and the importance of following instructions. The children along with their facilitators and teachers then set off and arrived at Marina Barrage at 3 pm. Each group was led by a facilitator to a designated area.

At the area, the children learnt how to make their very own kite, from decorating a blank kite to fixing it up with tapes and strings. Thereafter, the children proceeded to the top floor; an open field, to fly their kites. The facilitators and teachers guided the children to their very first self-made kite flying experience. Thanks to the blessed weather, the children had fun ‘catching’ wind to fly their kite high into the sky. After an hour of kite flying, the children gathered back to their designated area for a short break of drinks and snack. They had another interesting and challenging time with the facilitator in solving a few problem-solving questions relating to math concept, before setting off back to school.

After returning to school, the children washed up and got ready for dinner. They bid farewell to the facilitators and give thanks to God before dinner. After an sumptuous dinner, they watched the movie : ‘Frozen’. They took turns to bathe and got ready for their sleepover in school.

Before bedtime, the children were divided into two groups. While one group was having the night activity; doing ‘stink’ art, the other group went upstairs to the Sisters’ Chapel for a Bible story and night prayer conducted by our Principal Miss Marie Rose Ng. Lights were out around 10:30 pm. The night was cool and the children slept well.

The children woke up the next morning at 6:30 am. They packed up and gathered at the open area for a morning work-out. Next, the children draw-lots to prepare for breakfast preparations. Some arranged and set up the tables and chairs, while others prepared the sandwiches and pancakes. When everything was set up, they gathered at the tables with their friends and gave thanks to God. The children took turns to collect their first round of breakfast and sat down to enjoy their breakfast with their friends. The teachers served them hot milo. The children cleaned up the snack area and proceeded to the classroom for a debrief session. They shared their likes and experiences about the sleepover. As the children waited for their parents o pick them home, they gathered with their friends to draw their experiences on paper.

The fun fulfilling overnight camp ended at 10 am.

By Mrs Trace Teo
K 2 Form Teacher