Sport Day

15th August 2015 Left, right, left, right … as the marching tune was played, the children in Good Shepherd Convent did a March Past to start off our Sports Day 2016! All the teachers and staffs wore red for this event as we continue to celebrate the SG50. Parents and children were getting excited for the items planned and so here we go…… We opened the event with a March.

Recycling Project

我对环保的感想 近年来,全球的暖化日趋严重。地球作为我们人类唯一的家园,每个人都应该尽自己份内的责任去拯救它。幼儿是国家的未来,从小对幼儿进行一些环保意识的教育,对于我们的将来是一件非常有益的事。 我在利用全校集合的时间,通过讲故事《地球哭了》并利用网上的收集的资料,让幼儿亲眼看到堆满垃圾的泥土、看到小花、小草因没有水都快要枯死了、看到蓝蓝的天空为什么会变得这样等,使幼儿开阔眼界去认识大自然,并唤醒幼儿对保护地球的关注。    影响幼儿发展的不只是幼稚园的教育,学校只是接受教育影响的环境之一,家庭是幼儿更重要的成长环境。我们的善牧幼稚园为了配合环保活动,动员家长与幼儿一起参与收集废旧物资,有塑料空瓶、报纸、纸巾空盒、杂志、益多空罐、厕所纸芯等,老师们利用这些废旧物资让幼儿参与布置课室,幼一班的小朋友还利用这些物资做创意的手工呢!在这次活动中,幼儿也增长了环保知识。 为了让幼儿的生活中渗透环保知识,让其成为一种习惯。我也要求幼儿开水龙头不要开得太太,节约用水资源;节省用纸;不浪费食物;不随地乱丢垃圾;爱护一花一木,不随意采摘花草;爱护动物;看书时不要损坏图书,保护公共财物等,让幼儿用每一个小小的行动来保护地球,爱护自己的家园。               华文老师: 严老师   2015年7月11日星期六

Esplanade: PLAYtime! The Magic Treetop 12 & 13 May 2015

久违了舞台剧,今天借孩子们的光,欣赏了一出生动活泼,诙谐有趣的舞台童话剧。剧里的音乐都是耳熟能详的,像《蚂蚁在前进》《ABC歌》等等。 孩子们在炫彩的灯光下,在现场伴奏的音乐声中,又唱又跳,其乐融融。三个女演员精湛的演技,让孩子们看得目不转睛,问答互动更是让孩子们兴奋不已。 长达一个半小时的演出,孩子们却还意犹未尽。这样寓教于乐,可以说是让孩子们在娱乐中学习,在学习中享受快乐!   林老师 2015年6月25日

Project: BLESS 20 Apr 2015

Project "BLESS" - Be Little Envoy of Service and Sharing A Visit to Marine Parade Family Service; Good Life on 20 April 2015. In the second year partnership with Marine Parade Family Service, our school, Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten, had organized a visit to the elderly at Good Life by the Kinder One children. Days or even weeks before the visit, the children were enthusiastically practicing their dance performance and.

K2 Camp: Kite Flying 2014

31st May 2014 It's time to share our wonderful K2 Overnight Camp experience. This year the children were taken to Marina Barrage for a fun and exciting Kite Flying experience. The children gathered at school and were split up into five groups. Each group discussed and came up with awesome names (Awesome, Interesting, Frozen, Brave and Marvellous). They were then greeted by the Kite Flying facilitators, who briefed and shared.

K2 Concert – Melody of Life 2014

Music is a universal language that brings people together and it cuts across all cultures. Our K2 & K1 children shared different forms of music that was made by people; music that had impacted lives of people and music that celebrates hope, joy, despair and challenges of life. We were also blessed to have Mr Guo Hao and his team from SSO to perform "Strings of Melody" in our concert..

Fun ‘O’ Rama @ GSCKG 2014

Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten celebrated the importance of family bonding and togetherness on the 19th July 2014 (Saturday) by organising a slew of exciting games and fun activities for the whole family to be engaged in. We aim to value and cherish every family as it provides children the love, security, respect, trust, identity and also their psychological needs for healthy developmental growth. The role of the family is vital.