Easter Hunting 7 Apr 2015

On 7th of April 2015, we celebrated Easter. We had an Easter Hunt at our sand pit. We dug for eggs that were hidden earlier by the teachers. Each egg entitled us to exchange for a sticker and a ‘secret’ message! The eggs were beautiful as they were covered with patterns and designs. After the exchange, we had fun burying them back into the sand pit for the next group of children to find.

We all had different ‘secret’ messages. Each message was to get us to do something nice for a friend or for our family members or for ourselves. Example, I have to say something nice to my mommy while my friend got to share his favorite toys with his sister.

Thereafter, we washed our hands and had our snacks. The day went by as usual but we learnt one important thing is that Jesus is alive and He wants us to know that it is great doing nice things for others. Praise the LORD!

God Bless us all.

From the Little voices of children

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