Gymnastics Movement Programme

(Pre-Nursery to K2)
The Gymnastic Movement Programme aims to develop the enthusiasm for physical activity and sports in our children.

It enhances children’s muscular strength and endurance, joint flexibility, balance, co-ordination and good posture required for everyday living. The programme focuses on the child’s Dominant Movement patterns (such as jumping and landing skills, rolling, balance while still or moving, travelling and use of body parts in a controlled way), as these fundamental movement abilities are required for work, sports and recreational activities.

The trainers are from BearyFun Gym Pte Ltd. They are qualified and experienced in coaching young children. The lessons are held during the school curriculum time.

Ednoland Computer Aided Education (CAE)

(Nursery to K2)
This comprehensive programme is offered by Ednovation Pte Ltd and designed based on the concept of Multiple Intelligences (MI). The theory of MI was developed by Howard Gardner, Professor of Education at the Harvard University.

Through the use of the latest computer technology, learning becomes a fun and exciting experience for the child. The child can learn at his/her own pace, develop linguistic ability in English and Mandarin and acquire mathematical skills and exercise creativity and imagination.

Parents will be able to view the synopses of the lesson modules through (login requied). The child’s work can also be viewed by the parents through Ednoland’s parent’s website.

Chinese Immersion Programme

(K1 and K2)
The objectives of this programme are to:

  • Nurture the child’s familiarity and interest in the language
  • Develop the aural and verbal ability of the child in learning Chinese
  • Inculcate the child with the right values of Chinese culture and traditions
  • Build a strong foundation in Chinese Language in preparation for primary school

Providing the child with the opportunity and the exposure to learn Chinese in a fun way is the first step to allow your children to be familiar and comfortable with the language. The programme comprises 6 skill-based components: Listening, Speaking, Word Recognition, Reading, Basic Introduction to Hanyu Pinyin and Writing Skills.

Dramatic Arts Enrichment Programme

(K1 and K2)
The Dramatic Arts enrichment programme integrates English speech and drama and calligraphy art in a 2.5 hour action-packed workshop inspired by classic dramatic literature or popular kids’ Disney movie themes. The course will ignite the expressive and creative potentials of K1 and K2 learners and lead them to discover a dynamic learning experience in English. The aim of this programme is to build confident communicators in English Language, while nurturing key skills in public speaking, recitation, presentation and performance. Includes student files, workbook, songbook and weekly art pieces.