Kindergarten’s Learning Environment

Our Environment

At Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten, we are proud to provide our children with a caring & nurturing environment. Our teachers show their love, care and concern of each child by treating them with care and respect. We provide them with a sense of security and comfort, where happiness and learning in the fun way are a daily experience for them.

A warm and Christian environment nurtures the souls of our children, hence helping them to love and respect God, self, others and Mother Nature.

Physical Environment

Our unique treehouse and large courtyard never fail to excite children during their daily outdoor playtime. They are free to climb, run, jump, skip, cycle, kick a ball – activities essential to develop gross motor skill. Children are also given opportunities to explore in our sand-filled playground. They dig in sand, sift it, build with it, pour it, enjoy the feel and smell of it, pretend with it, and explore how it moves. Sand play encourages exploring and problem solving. It also fosters children’s socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.

Our classrooms are mainly non air-conditioned. Children have ample space to explore in their daily learning.

Learning Environment

All our class teachers are diploma trained and have many years of teaching experience in the early childhood setting.  Each of them teaches with passion and love for young children.