Project: BLESS 20 Apr 2015

Project “BLESS” – Be Little Envoy of Service and Sharing

A Visit to Marine Parade Family Service; Good Life on 20 April 2015.

In the second year partnership with Marine Parade Family Service, our school, Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten, had organized a visit to the elderly at Good Life by the Kinder One children.

Days or even weeks before the visit, the children were enthusiastically practicing their dance performance and an exercise segment which they would be performing for the elderly at the Centre. They also made the colourful cloth banner with their hand prints on it which would be presented to the person–in–charge of Good Life. The day had finally arrived; the children were exhilarated as they boarded the coach with lots of excitement and nervousness. When we reached the multipurpose hall, some of the elderly were already waiting for the children’s arrival. The K1 children not only performed the dance for the elderly, they also got the elderly to exercise with them as we believe in active ageing and intergenerational interaction. After which, the children had a tea session with the elderly and they had the chance to serve the elderly with food and packet drinks lovingly prepared by Good Life. We could see that some of the elderly grew ‘attached’ to the children as they requested for us to perform for them every month.

As part of our appreciation to Marine Parade Family Service, our acting principal, Mrs Trace Teo had presented the banner to Ms Angeline the person-in-charge of Good Life and the children had little goodie bags from them too. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Angeline and her team for all their help and making the visit a happy and memorable learning experience for both the children and teachers.

Mrs O. Ho

K1 Class Teacher

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