Sport Day

15th August 2015

Left, right, left, right … as the marching tune was played, the children in Good Shepherd Convent did a March Past to start off our Sports Day 2016! All the teachers and staffs wore red for this event as we continue to celebrate the SG50. Parents and children were getting excited for the items planned and so here we go……a2a (Copy)

We opened the event with a March Past followed by the opening songs: Wanna do right and致颂赞美主. Wow! They really did a good job, the songs had already energized them and everyone was warm up now. Next, the Kinder 2 children did a vibrant performance that shows what co-operation and teamwork is all about: The Kinder Gym! It was such an eye-opener to all parents and guests, all of us gave the children our loudest applause!

The event continued from the Pre-N, Nursery, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 in show casing their motor skills performance lead by the Beary Gym instructors. It was indeed a wonderful performance by the children of all levels as they need to go through different stations of obstacle courses. Well done, children! Our guest of honor, Miss Tan, gave out the prizes to each class representatives. The children were sure delighted to get their prizes.

This year, we invited all the parents to do a mass workout together with the children to promote an active healthy lifestyle. The parents were lead by the teachers and children with the songs: “小苹果”, “Kungfu fighting” and “Zumba”. Great job to all the parents and children, all of them

participated spontaneously!

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The school would really like to thank every parent for taking your precious time to join your child for the Sports Day and being so supportive towards the teachers and school.

Lastly, the school would also like to thank the emcee for the event. Without the emcee, our event would not be so lively and fun! Thank you to all teachers, staffs, children, parents and every single out there that made this Sports Day a successful one. Hip Hip Hooray to all! Thank You and May God Bless You!

Miss Creslia Teo