[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]A fun and exciting camp time is finally here. This year overnight camp was held on Thursday 28 May 2015. Parents and the children arrived promptly at 12.30pm carrying their bags for the overnight camp at the respective classrooms. Next, the children gave their handmade accessories to their parents as a show of appreciation to their parents. The children also performed four songs as a tribute to their beloved parents as part of their celebration for mothers’ and fathers’ day.


Each family was then given a goody bag which included a Gardens by the Bay map, a plastic bag, a pencil and etc… and they were clearly briefed by me on what they were supposed to do for the Amazing Race at the Gardens by the Bay. Each family was given a different station stated on their stamp card. Once the family completed the station task, the station master would signed on it and they could then proceed to their next station. There were ten varied and interesting stations for the families to participate in. The ten stations were as follows: Indian station, Chinese station, Malay station, Colonial station, The Meadow, Web of Life, Understorey, World of Palms, Secret Life and Supertree Grove. The first three families that completed all the ten station tasks and reached the two domes will be the top three winners. Congratulations to the following winners: Kieran family, Aditya’s family and Joshua’s family.

After all the excitement of completing the interesting station tasks, the families were given tickets to visit the two domes to appreciate nature and to relax and have some light snacks.


The families adjourned to the Children’s garden at 5.15pm to have a good splash at the play pool. Sponsored water guns were given to the families and they were having fantastic time playing water games. Time passes very fast and it was time for them to shower and change at the shower rooms. Soon the children were all back in school by 6.30pm and dinner was served as they were all famished by then. After dinner, there was a night movie shown to them under the stars followed by a night walk with their torches and a bedtime story. Before the children hit their bed, they had to brush their teeth and change into their pyjamas.


The next morning, the children were up by 7am. They have had morning exercises and have a hearty breakfast of cornflakes and milk before heading home. While waiting for their parents to come and fetch them home, the children had a debrief on their camp.


We hope that this special event would bring a lasting memorable experience for the children and their families.


Mrs Margaret Spruyt[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]