This year is the year of climate action. Climate Action Year aims to focus attention on climate change, to raise the level of national consciousness around the need to take individual and collective action to fight climate change for a sustainable Singapore.

Singapore is vulnerable to climate change and Singapore is committed to reducing carbon emissions and mitigate climate change.

All of us must play our part as individuals and school as together we can make a difference to reduce carbon emissions. We had an assembly on taking the Climate Action SG pledge. I highlighted on the fact of single use plastic straws. The plastic straw does not biodegrade but photo degrades into smaller pieces, which gets ingested by marine and land animals. If it is recycled, it is only a very small percentage so essentially every piece of plastic made is still in our environment. The pledge of saying “No” to plastic straws can have an impactful and tangible way towards a solution to the plastic pollution problem. The children were briefed on the six actions to pledge for Climate Action SG 2018.

Our Climate Action goals for 2018

Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten is committed to use biodegradable cutlery, bowls, plates etc, upcycle old tyres or old furniture, use recyclables in the children’s project works, save water and switch off lights and air conditioner when not in use.

We had also established recycling and upcycling centres in our kindergarten so as to drive the message of recycling to the children. So, let us fight climate change together!

GSCKG Climate Action SG 2018 (Blog)

Mrs O. Ho
Nursery Class Teacher