As the Kinder 2 children are embarking on a new project, ‘Make Every Drop Count’ this year, the school had decided to plan this learning journey at the NEWater Visitor Centre for both the children and their parents to have a better understanding of the project. The first session children went on the 19 April while the second session children went on 24 April.

Children were all very excited for this trip as it is something new to them and have never been there before. It was a one hour guided tour by the people working in PUB and this tour was specially planned for preschool children therefore, games, videos and interactive activities were included in the tour. The children had a fun time exploring the place with their peers, mummies and daddies. During the tour, the tour guide explained the three main processes to generate new water in a simplified version so that children are able to understand easily. Parents were also fascinated by the technologies used and they were listening to the explanation so that they can help to reinforce the learning with the children at home. At the end of the tour, everyone was given a bottle of NEWater to bring back home.

It’s picnic time! Children and parents had a mini picnic together which was like a gathering for everyone. After eating, all of us took a stroll back to the other side of the centre. While walking back, children were enjoying themselves, looking at the Koi fish swimming in the pond and the other sea creatures living inside. Back to the centre, we took a photo and children were given a piece of colouring paper; the Water Wally saving water tips. They spend some time over there to colour the activity sheet before heading back to school.

Leaving the centre at noon time, all of us went back to school for a debrief and filtration activity by Sister Lucy and Aunty Mel. The debrief includes what they had learnt during the trip and doing a ‘water conservation’ pledge with the children. Parents were also updated of what other events that will be coming out for the Kinder 2 children. Sister Lucy and Aunty Mel shared about why it is important to have clean water and how people can get clean water through hand-make water filtration. They explained and taught the children as well as parents on how a water filter can be made in steps and they helped out by washing the sand and pour it into the container. Towards the end, dirty water was poured into the container and when Aunty Mel turns on the opening, clean and clear water was out as it was being filtered by the sand and pebbles.

Everyone enjoyed themselves despite a long day. We are really grateful for the parents being so supportive towards their child’s learning and the school to make a good start in this project. Let’s look forward to create more opportunities in working together to succeed in the project with the children!


Miss C.Teo (K2 Teacher)