27 May2018May 27, 2018


The primary 5 students from St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School (SACPS) came to our school on Monday to give a presentation on healthy lifestyle for the Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 children in our school. They explained to the children on the importance of keeping healthy and the ways to keep themselves healthy, through pictures,...

18 May2018May 18, 2018


5月8日,全体幼儿和老师们在晨会上一起庆祝母亲节。晨会所展示的图片和老师的介绍,让幼儿认识到母爱是世间最伟大的爱,激发他们爱妈妈的情感。幼儿还兴致勃勃地分别欢唱中英文歌曲《妈妈宝贝》和《Ilove my mummy》,他们完全融入节日的气氛,感受母亲节的意义。 为了庆祝这次的母亲节,各班幼儿都制作了不同的手工送给心爱的妈妈,表达他们对妈妈的感激之情。以下是他们的手工作品展示: 再次借助这些作品,祝全天下的妈妈母亲节快乐! 豆豆班 –徐老师

08 May2018May 8, 2018

Malaysia Trip

It was an exciting Friday for our nine children and parents who had sign up for the Malaysia day trip, together with the Marymount Kindergarten! Everyone gathered at the hall of Marymount Kindergarten as early as 6.15am to be ready. They were given a goodie bag with a bottle of drink and muffins to bring...