It was an exciting Friday for our nine children and parents who had sign up for the Malaysia day trip, together with the Marymount Kindergarten! Everyone gathered at the hall of Marymount Kindergarten as early as 6.15am to be ready. They were given a goodie bag with a bottle of drink and muffins to bring along with them as before we all set off. Instructions was given and we had Miss Eden to give an opening pray and everyone went up to the bus happily. It was a nice morning upon reaching Malaysia; we were brought to the famous noodle stall for breakfast. Both the children and parents had a good time slurping their food despite the long queue and waiting time and they were using such opportunity to mingle with other parents and friends.

The first destination of the day was to the Kampong visit whereby we could see and experience how the kampong living style is like. True indeed, there is an attap house that children went up to explore and have fun inside. The in-house tour guide also brought us through their farm, showing us how rubber was made from the rubber tree which a few children did hands-on with the guide and there are some other types of herb plants too. Moving on, he showed us how they keep their bees in the farm for honey as well as children got the chance to feed the goats and fishes within the farm itself. The tour guide also explained to the children how mushrooms can be grown easily but be aware of the mushrooms in the wild that look beautiful as they might be poisonous. After this Kampong visit, we set off to have our lunch at J.G Resort at Pengerang Town where they are famous of their baby lobster seafood. It was a long journey before reaching therefore, everybody was resting and took a short nap.

It was an awesome and delicious lunch that consisted of much seafood such as fish, lobster, oyster omelette etc and all of us were eating and chatting happily. There was a small indoor playground located just outside the restaurant hence the children went to play for a while after their lunch when waiting for the rest to finish their food. Next up was a place that all the children had been asking and looking forward to and that was……the Ostrich Farm! The children were very excited to see the ostrich eggs and looking at the real life ostrich moving around; they saw the different age group of ostriches as well that helped them to visualize the life cycle of an ostrich. The in-house guide gave an explanation on the egg, for example the benefits of eating ostrich eggs and how the egg looks like inside; having layers of membrane instead of shell itself. Children had the opportunity to touch and feel the tissue-like membrane in the egg and they collected the broken egg shell home as souvenir. Adding on to this visit, the children rode on the ostrich with the helped from the guide, took a picture that was then printed out and handed to the parents with a certificate stating that their child had rode an ostrich before. This was a very memorable visit for all of them especially the children because it was their first time riding an ostrich and learning so much about it through the experiences given. We all took a break at the entrance to have the ostrich egg omelette, ice-cream and drinks.

Continuing our journey, we had come to our last destination – Desaru Farm, a popular fruit farm. Parents were very interested in the fruits that were being introduced to them by the in-house guide whereas the children were also exploring around, looking and touching the fruits. This tour also explained on how the fruit trees in the farm were planted. There is a mini zoo located in the farm like the goats, rabbits, hens, roosters and ducks. We went to a room after that to listen to the Bee Talk that they had planned for us. Some of our parents bought the honey products after being introduced to the benefits of drinking honey. We also bought some snacks and local products back to Singapore at the shop nearby and all of us were given a box of fresh food to eat before heading back.

Sky was getting dark; we ended our Malaysia Day trip after the Desaru Farm visit. It was another long journey back home to Singapore, children and parents was resting while our bus driver patiently and carefully driving us back. Even though we ended our trip later than expected but all of brought back very precious moments with each other despite coming from different kindergartens and many bonding times was seen during the trip without stopping of conversation and interactions. We thank God for the safe and smooth journey to and froth for the trip and thank you to the parents and children who supported this trip to make it happen and giving the children such a wonderful time.


K2 Teacher

Miss C.Teo