The primary 5 students from St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School (SACPS) came to our school on Monday to give a presentation on healthy lifestyle for the Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 children in our school. They explained to the children on the importance of keeping healthy and the ways to keep themselves healthy, through pictures, video and quizzes. The children also did a dance with the students towards the end of the presentation. The title of the song was ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ which the children were very familiar with because of the movie: Trolls. Therefore, many of them were singing and dancing and they enjoyed themselves a lot.

After the dance, the Kinder 1 and the Kinder 2 children went back to their class respectively to do an activity with the students. Each child was given a piece of activity sheet that required them to colour the pictures that show the people are exercising. At the back of the worksheet, the children drew what they ate for breakfast during that day. They listened attentively when instructions were given and were engaged in the activity. Both Kinder children came out together after the activity to take a group photo with the students. Through this short presentation and activity, children are able to understand better on the objectives of eating healthily and what are the ways to keep themselves healthy. We also felt very blessed and thankful to have the students from St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School to give such a meaningful talk to the children.


K2 Teacher
Miss C.Teo