25 May 2018

It was another exciting Friday for our Kinder 2 children and their parents as it was the last day of term two which means…… They are having their K2 Day Camp! This year, our school had a full day camp at the Singapore Zoo. We had planned a Zoo-A-Maze for the children to do treasure hunting with their parents and they got to win away prizes and even had lucky draws! Both children and parents arrived in school before 9am for a short briefing on what to expect and take note during the camp and they got to receive one of the clues from the maze. Not only that, they were split into groups and all of them also collected their red collection bag whereby they had 2 bottles of water and the rest of the goodies they would collect from each station they arrived and did a task. There were a total of 8 stations including an elephant show. We were all ready to set off with great enthusiasm and eagerness.

As soon as we arrived at the Singapore Zoo, the children and the parents went in and started their Zoo-A-Maze. They went to search for their first station and did a ‘handy-mandy’ – decoration of a fan. They were given a task to complete before another station’s clue was revealed to them. Lunch was at the Kidzworld, a time for them to sit down and relax, taking a break from the scotching sun. After the lunch, they continued their Zoo-A-Maze till 2:30pm and returned back to the Kidszworld. When they returned, they submitted their game card to be entitled for the first top 4 prizes and lucky draws. Continuing from that, the most looking forward part of the trip for the children was…. The water playground! Parents started changing their children with the appropriate swim wear and off they went to have a fun time playing with their friends while parents were resting and having a good chit chat session among them.

After a long day, we travelled back to school for dinner, games, performance and prize presentation. Children and parents rested in bus while on the way back. Upon reaching, they went to the toilet to wash their hands and get ready for the dinner to be served. Dinner was done and a mini camp fire was set up by the teachers. All of them sat around the camp fire and they started the games like ‘blow wind blow’ and ‘hooping around the circle’. Children performed for their dearest mummies and daddies after each game and they gave a flower at the end of the last song to show their appreciation to their parents for being so loving and caring all these while. Last but not least, the top 4 prizes were announced and the winners each will do the lucky dip for the lucky draws. Everyone had a great time from morning till night, with or without prizes. We felt so happy that all the children and parents had a good bonding time together throughout the day camp!

Thank You God for the wonderful weather that day and keeping us safe for the whole event! Thank You to all the parents who were so supportive to make this event so successful and giving their child a wonderful memorable moment. Thank You all teachers, volunteers and staff for helping out in running the camp to make it a smooth one. We hope all of you will have a happy holiday ahead and see you soon in Term 3!

K2 Camp