On the 14 November 2018, our school celebrated the year end party. Children were looking forward to this party a week before the actual day. Children were dressed at their best and each child brought different types of food to celebrate.

The programme kicked off with an assembly on asking the children what Christmas is all about and how it was celebrated. For Catholics, they will need to go for confession to cleanse their sins and to be forgiving. Children were also  asked  to name some of the food that will be prepared on Christmas Day eg. Turkey, log cake, sugee, fruit cake, devil’s curry etc.   It was followed by a video clip on “Nativity”.

There was a performance Nativity by the Pre Nursery class. It was followed by Nursery , K1 and K2 concert dance performances. Then all the children gathered at the quadrangle to sing the Christmas Carols : Jingle bells, Santa Claus is coming to town, Jingle bells in Mandarin and We wish you a Merry Christmas.

The children also met up with the Santa Clause and got treats from him. The children also had ice shaved sponsored by Ayden’s parents. They had a good time feasting with all the food and drinks that they brought to share. It was indeed a memorable day for both the children and teachers.

Mrs Margaret Spruyt
K1 Teacher