4th July 2019 Project Sharing with Holy Family Kindergarten

The K2 children have been embarking on their project ‘Make Every Drop Count’ since last term during the World Water Day. This year, our school decided to partner with Holy Family Kindergarten for our children to advocate this important message to them. We always believe that saving water is everyone’s responsibility and should start as young as preschoolers, hence working with Holy Family Kindergarten.

It was an hour avocation programme for our children in Holy Family Kindergarten and 2 sessions went there within the school curriculum hours. The programme starts off with introduction, greetings from one another and a short assembly on the project. Next up was by our five K2 children who shared with them on the 5 big tips to save water – WATER. Followed up by watching the animation on the water conservation song – Let’s Go Save Water by PUB. The song was repeated again but this time round all of them stood up to sing and do the actions together.

After the performance, all the children from both Kindergartens were group into 3 big groups for different activities: Puzzles, Memory Game and drawing activity. During each activity, the children had the opportunity to interact with one another, helping each other and building up their knowledge and understanding of how and what water conservation is. Through all these activities, they also enjoyed and had lots of fun making new friends. Each activity lasted about 10mins before they go to the next activity.

Towards the end of the programme, we thanked the principal of Holy Family Kindergarten who generously allowed us to do such a meaningful project sharing with their children and our children also gave a small goodie bag to their new friends as a token of appreciation and to let them bring it home to share the information and what they had learnt to their family members. It was indeed a pleasant trip and had created opportunity for children to be little advocators in spreading the message of water conservation confidently with the others.

K2 Teacher,
Miss C. Teo