The school had an assembly on Friendship Day which falls on every year 30th July to create awareness on the importance of having friends, unity and companionship among one another regardless of race, religion and language. It was a meaningful day for the children especially as they reflect back who’s their friends, how they make friends, why do they need friends and what are the ways to maintain a good friendship. After the assembly, each class was given an activity to do in class; PN did a friendship wand, Nursery did a friendship necklace and K1 did a friendship bracelet.

This year, the K2 children had the opportunity to celebrate this day with the Holy Family Kindergarten children. We invited them to our school to make friends with our children through songs and games which were planned by them. Next, they proceed to the classroom to do a friendship heart using the Hama beats. In exchange, the Holy Family Kindergarten children gave them a personalized friendship card which was very beautiful. It was a touching moment to see them having conversation with one another and being so welcoming to each other. We hope the children had created friendship among themselves and able to maintain it with lots of love and care.

Miss C. Teo
K2 Teacher