The first session Nursery children went to Gardens by the Bay on the 28th August 2019 while the second session Nursery children went on 29thAugust 2019.We were also blessed with good weather.

Before the excursion, the children were very excited to visit Gardens by the Bay with their peers and teachers. They wanted to learn more about the plants especially orchids at the Flower Dome. When we arrived at Gardens by the Bay at 9.30am, the children were eager to walk around. They were awed by the Super Trees and a very long dragon lantern along the way towards the entrance of the two domes- Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome.

We explored the Flower Dome first as we have activities at the dome. The Flower Dome has a Garden Trail. The Garden Trail is part of their floral display, Orchid Extravaganza. Orchid Extravaganza takes you on a journey of the icons of Singapore with a pop twist as they commemorate the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival this year. The fusion of vivid colours is a celebration of Singapore’s vibrant multi-ethnic society. Children learnt that there are 220 orchid species which are native to Singapore. An estimated 60 species can still be found in the primary and secondary forests of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. As they explored further, they also learnt about HDB flats, Peacock Valley, Ah Meng, the Dragon Playground, PSA and Ice Kachang. They were all covered with orchids and we had to differentiate them. We did some activities in the flower booklet before we had our lunch.

After lunch, we covered the Cloud Forest Dome. We were greeted with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 30 metres as they walked in. They were also intrigued by the mist-filled Cloud Walk and the different plants at the planted walls eg. ferns, begonias and pitcher plants.

Then, it was time to depart for the kindergarten. Children mentioned that they would like to visit Gardens by the Bay again. It was a memorable learning journey for the children and teachers as it connects children to the real world. I believe that children who are happy with the outdoor experience will take the excitement into their homes; so many parents will be encouraged to organise weekend trips on their own.

Mrs Odette Ho
Nursery Class Teacher