On 28 and 29 August, Pre Nursery children visited Kok Fah Technology Farm to experience the different ways of farming.  These visits gave the children an understanding where foods come from. During both trips, besides 3 teachers, parents also came along to have a better bonding with their children. It was a guided tour which took about 2 hours.  It was a good location as the vegetables were at the children’s eye level and the facilities were easy to access.  Though the tours were based on the Hydroponic Farming, we were fortunate that the management were willing to accede to our request to view the Soil Farming without added cost.  It was an added bonus.

During the tour, the children were told how the farmers protect their crops from various insects by handing up yellow stickers to attract them because the flies are colour blind and they see yellow as green.  They also learnt what vegetables need in order to grow well. The children were able to see the different stages of farming, from the seedling stage to harvesting which took 21 days.  They got the opportunity to feel, smell and transferred the vegetables in this station.  They were varieties of vegetables and fruits eg. Pineapples, pepper, bitter gourd, melon and bananas.

At another station, the guide demonstrated how to cut the Aloe Vera.  We discovered that under the thick leaf, the layer of yellow sap is poisonous and it must be removed before consuming as it can caused diarrhoea.  A hands on salad making activity was conducted after this and the children tasted it. At the Learning Station, the children learnt about the colour of vegetables and fruits.  Then they matched the pictures of the vegetables and fruits to the colours displayed on the board.  Lastly, each of them did the ‘potting’ and they could take with them to experience the process of growing and harvesting their vegetables themselves.

The children had their free time exploring at the resting area where they could see the ‘Talking Parrot’, tortoises, dogs, birds, Arowana fish and the Koi pond. The parents had a good time shopping for the fresh vegetables from the farm. After the trip, the children reflected what they had seen at the farm and they were excited about the plants they had brought home.  They are learning how to care for them.

Mrs C. See
Pre-N Teacher

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