On the 2 of September, the K1 children were able to go to Fort Canning Centre to have a multi-sensory experience which brought them back in time to witness key moments in Singapore’s transformation from 1299.

The children enjoyed Singapore’s history through THE TIME TRAVELLER and PATH FINDER.  The Time Traveller composed of five different acts which allowed the children to experience first-hand sights, sounds and drama of significant events. On the other hand, The Path Finder is a series of pavilions where children experienced the 700-year old history of Singapore. Children had the opportunity to see different trading goods, native plants, maps and written words that helped them to know more about Singapore.

In between the activities, children had their snacks in the Food Village with the Parent Volunteers and teachers.  The parents are big help in making this outing possible, knowing that the two big groups of K1 children are joining together in the said activity.  After eating, the children had their art activity that showed how they love and appreciate Singapore. They made a banner saying “I Love Singapore!”

On the next day, we had debriefed about their learnings and experiences. The children are also given ‘passports’ to tick their favourite scene on each act.  The ‘passport’ was used to share on Singapore’s history to their family and friends.

Miss H. Reyes,
K1 teacher