Children’s Day had been celebrated in Singapore since 1961. For many years, it was celebrated on October 1, but in 2012, the Ministry of Education decided to move Children’s Day to the first Friday of October. Thus, this year Children’s Day fell on October 4. It also coincided with World Animal Day. It was especially meaningful as we also needed to care for the living things including the animals in our midst. The children did a pledge for the animals.

We celebrated Children’s Day on the October 3 with a slew of exciting activities meticulously planned by the teachers. We wanted the children to have a fun-filled and memorable Children’s Day. Children played at four stations and they were parachute, matching colours, obstacle race and musical chair. We had delectable finger foods like cheese sausages, jellies and doughnuts lovingly sponsored by our Principal, Mrs Teo, our administrator, Ms Jade and the two aunties- Aunty Jinn and Aunty Alicia. The jellies were made by Aunty Alicia and Ms Jade. The teachers also bought some snacks for the children to enjoy in their individual classes.

The celebration of Children’s Day taught us several important values. It invited us to give the children our love, affection, care, respect and also to protect them from all harm. Children are the valuable asset of our nation, the hope of tomorrow and the future of our land.

Happy Children’s Day to all the children in Singapore and around the world and also not forgetting World Animal Day too.

Mrs O. Ho
Nursery Class Teacher