World Peace Day is observed around the world on 21 September.  This is to encourage people to work together for worldwide peace. It can be celebrated in many different ways.

Our Kindergarten celebrated World Peace Day on 24 September.  We had an assembly where we shared what is ‘Peace’ and why it is important.  Many of us said that ‘Peace’ is happiness, being calm, harmony and forgiveness. We also agreed that Education, Culture, Communication and Information also played an important role to develop and sustain peace.  There are people around the world who are encountering the problems of poverty and diseases, education and healthcare.  Just imagine, if someone could apologise and at the same time, the other party will do the same, what can be achieved? A video on what others think of ‘Peace’ and pictures were shown to the children to make them understand how the outside world is like.

World Peace Day also reminds us of mutual respect for diversity.  We must not be biased against race, religion and culture.  Regardless of what languages we speak and where are from, there are no differences among us. We concluded our celebration with a video ‘Teaching Peace’ followed by different activities for children from different levels.  The Pre-Nursery decorated a ‘Peace’ symbol, Nursery making windmills, Kindergarten 1 created Peace posters and the Kindergarten 2 wrote out peace messages on bunting flags. Let’s keep the world peaceful and let our lives be blissful.  ‘Peace begins with a smile’ and it starts from us. ‘Happy World Peace Day!’

Mrs C. See
Pre-Nursery teacher