Deepavali falls on 27 October 2019. It is the most important of all Hindu festivals. It is celebrated by Hindus worldwide every year.

Our school celebrated Deepavali on 29 October 2019. We had invited three Indian parents, Aashvi’s mother, Avyuktha’s mother and Pranav’s mother, who are Hindus to share about the significance of Deepavali with the children in our school. The parents came in with Powerpoint slides and they were also dressed in their ethnic clothes too. Deepavali means a “Row of Lights”.  It is usually celebrated over five days in India but in Singapore, most celebrate for only one day. The Hindus would decorate their homes with colourful Rangoli (made of flowers) and lamps. Lighted lamps symbolise the Hindu religious concept of “light conquering darkness.” The three mommies showed the children how to do the Indian dance. The Pre-Nursery and Nursery children were given pictures of oil lampsto colour at the end of the day while K1 and K2 children had to colour paper flower garlands which they used them for class decorations.

We were blessed and grateful to the three parents who came and shared about their Deepavali celebration. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Hindu parents and children- A Happy Deepavali.

Mrs O. Ho
Nursery Class Teacher