The Nursery Class was more than an ordinary Class. Every day, it was packed with interesting hands-on fun learning experiences for the children and the teachers. We believe that learning through play has to be fun and meaningful. Let me share a typical day with you.

Today, 19 Feb 2020. The day started with storytelling which the children enjoyed and loved very much. Next, its wash-up time for snacks. Fun activities start after snack. For example, using different musical instruments – claves, to enhance learning experience about ‘beats’. Problem-solving in ‘sequencing of a day’s activities’ through discussion, songs, and picture cards during Math Lesson. Using Body movement and songs to learn about Chinese characters during Chinese lessons. Not forgetting our planned motor skills for the children to keep fit and at the same time, learning a new skill. Example, trying to throw a ball at a shape pinned on the wall.

In line with keeping healthy, children and staff gathered together frequently after activities to drink water. The children were also encouraged to make choices during indoor playtime, where they have to take-turn to play at different centers, example the dough center. Or small group reading with the teacher.  Before ending the day, Children had a fun time exploring the best way to making a bird nest, using twigs, recyclable materials, and dried leaves.

Mrs Ho,
Nursery Teacher