The Kinder children showed excitement as they came back to school on 2nd June.  They were able to see their friends and teachers whom they’ve missed so much during the Circuit Breaker.

In school, the children explored and learned about COVID-Safe ABC, so to protect themselves and others from the virus.

On 5th June, both K1 and K2 children did experiments to discover how germs spread quickly and how the spreading can be stopped with proper hand washing with soap and water.

The first activity was the Pepper Experiment. The pepper was being introduced as the germs and was poured into a bowl of water. Children observed and compared the results when they dipped into the water with their fingers and with their fingers covered with soap.

The children were amazed and surprised at how the pepper dispersed away from their fingers.  This helped them to realize that proper hand washing with soap and water is essential to kill germs and viruses.

The next activity was the Paint Experiment. The paint was being introduced as the germs and was painted on their hands. They observed the areas that were covered with the color as they touch objects around them. Examples are passing the ball to their friends, flushing the toilet, and opening the door/gate. This activity helped the children to realize that  ‘germs’ are too small for them to see, but they are everywhere.

The children enjoyed the activities and showed an understanding of how to be clean and safe from germs or viruses.

Please refer to the photos at the gallery.