We welcome the Pre-Nursery and Nursery children with Back to School ABCs. You would be wondering what are ABCs? If you think that A is for Apple, Ball is for Ball and C is for Car then you might be mistaken as we have a new Back to School ABCs. A is for Access, B is for Behaviours and C is for Classrooms. In the area of Access, we had restricted the entries of visitors and parents into the kindergarten. As for Behaviours, children had been wearing masks or face shield or hat shields to the school, children were reminded of safe distancing and good personal hygiene like washing of hands frequently. As for Classrooms, we had minimized interactions with other classes and increased cleaning of the school equipment and premise.  The phased reopening by ECDA is to ensure that staff, children and parents follow the enhanced safe management measures which we refer to as ‘COVID-Safe ABCs’.

Besides teaching the children the new song- Back to School ABCs, we also had interesting activities and experiments for the children in school to create awareness of germs and the importance in keeping themselves clean and COVID-Safe. Pre- Nursery children had activity like glitter germs and an experiment on how germs are spread with the use of paints on their hands.

Nursery children were asked to design to their own paper masks and they also described their masks. One child mentioned that she liked to have patterns and colours on her mask as the mask she wore was white. The children also had a chance to make 3D coronaviruses using old magazines as we advocate in Going Green. Children loved experiments so we also had an experiment on germs using white paper towel and a coloured ink. At first, the children could only see an outline of the hand on the white paper towel and after placing it in the water, the coloured ink appeared on the white hand. The coloured ink represented the germs. The experiment highlighted the importance of washing hands though the hands might look clean to us.

With the new knowledge of COVID-Safe ABCs, we would like the children to translate them into habits and I would like to end with the ending sentence of ‘Back to School ABCs’ song – ABCs are what we need, COVID-19 we will beat!’

Stay Safe everyone…

Please refer to the photos at the gallery.

Mrs Odette Ho

Nursery Class Teacher