On 7 August 2020, children from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 gathered together to celebrate Singapore’s Birthday. This year, we celebrated it uniquely and specially due to COVID-19.

We started the celebration by gathering half of each class to the foyer for Activity 1. In contrast, the other half group enjoyed their snacks in their respective classrooms.

Activity 1 – SG 2020 Active Workout.

Children were in awe while standing with safe distancing as they sang Singapore’s National Anthem: Majulah Singapura.  They stood still and showed their respect to the flag. With a warm-up exercise, the children began the SG 2020 Active Work-out, actively and participative. After the workout, children sat down with their water bottles, relaxing and enjoying the gentle breeze. Before moving to the next activity, we thanked God for the beautiful and pleasant weather and the opportunity He has given to celebrate Singapore’s 55th Birthday.

Activity 2 – Celebration via Zoom.

With safe distancing placed, the children gather together in their classroom to celebrate NDP via Zoom. I hosted the zoom session to provide information for this celebration—this year’s theme: Together, A Stronger Singapore.

Next, each class took turns to show their performances via zoom.  Lastly, everyone joined together with their beautiful singing voices; they sang and danced some of the memorable songs for this special day.  Together, children waved their flag as a sign of unity and love for Singapore.

Indeed, the celebration was enjoyable and memorable!

Again, we want to wish Singapore a HAPPY 55TH BIRTHDAY!

More photos at: Our School > Gallery.

By: Miss Hazel Reyes