Deepavali falls on 14 November 2020. It is celebrated by Hindus worldwide every year. It is usually celebrated over five days in India, but most celebrate for only one day in Singapore. The Hindus would decorate their homes with colourful Rangoli (made of flowers) and lamps. Lighted lamps symbolize the Hindu religious concept of “light conquering darkness.”

Our school had our Deepavali assembly on the eve of Deepavali. This year due to Covid-19, we could not invite our parents to come into the kindergarten to share about Deepavali. Nonetheless, some Nursery parents contributed videos and photographs for sharing during our assembly. It was an exciting and recycling craft day for the children. Pre-Nursery children did the sponging on the leaves and flowers that were printed on recycled papers. After sponging, the teachers would cut them out and string them into long garlands. Nursery children had to fold old magazine papers to make their very own paper diyas. They also tried to make the Rangoli using their paper diyas and pipe cleaners. K1 children did a colourful diyas’ wreath while K2 children had the most ‘challenging’ task of creating their Rangolis with recycled materials. Besides learning about the Hindu’s culture through their crafts, the children are also mindful of recycling.

We were grateful to the parents who contributed the videos and photographs on their Deepavali celebration. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Hindu parents and children- A Happy Deepavali!

Mrs O. Ho
Nursery Class Teacher

deepavali photos-converted-compressed