Nursery Children embarked on a Biodiversity Project with Npark, in April.

Have you ever wonder what biodiversity is? Biodiversity refers to the variety of living organisms as we are all part of the ecosystem, and biodiversity is an essential part of climate change.

In order to reduce climate change, our lifestyles need to make some changes. First, we can recycle and reuse as many things as we can. Second, we can try to make compost out of vegetable peels and third, we can plant our vegetables or fruits. Last but not least, we can help to care for the animals.

Our journey started with recycling our food scraps like fruits and vegetable peels and eggshells. We were also privileged to engage the help of Uncle Loon and Sr Lucy in our compost. Sr Lucy has a compost machine which we could use to make our very own compost. It took about a month to dry the compost before using it to plant our vegetables.  The balance of the compost was for sale during our SPCA’s fundraising event.

The lessons are enhanced with stories and activity books generously sponsored by NParks for the children to work on. Other exciting school activities included lightbox activities and SNAP games on the native animals and plants.

So remember to find time to listen to your child as they share their journey of biodiversity to fight climate change! I would like to leave you with a quote from Benjamin Franklin “Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.

Odette Ho

Nursery Teacher