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Got more questions? We know. Because we are parents too!

We have compiled a FAQ comprising questions like our curriculum, school hours, food that we serve, transportation arrangements, acceptance of children with special needs, facilities and premises upkeep policies and more.

For all the four levels, our curriculum focuses on the total development of the children, where each child is treated with respect and valued for who he/ she is. We emphasize on character building as well as strengthening their social and emotional skills.

We offer numeracy skills, phonics program, language arts, music and movement, art and craft and story telling. We engage the children with lots of hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts learnt and in this manner, children’s learning is fun, creative and meaningful. The project approach and thematic-based approach enhance and expand children’s knowledge and creativity.

And this being a Catholic Preschool, Bible story/songs and prayers are also taught to the children.

No, not necessary. But, we would encourage you to train him/her before the new academic year. However, if your child is not ready, our teachers will be there to ensure that your child is being taken care of during toilet time.

Half Day Program: 7am – 1pm, Mon – Fri

Full Day Program: 7am – 7pm, Mon – Fri

Saturday: 7am – 2pm (attendance is optional)

We serve nutritious and balanced meals that inculcate in children an interest in healthy eating habits.

For example, we offer sandwich, cereal or steamed cake for breakfast and tea. For lunch, we serve fried rice, macaroni soup, fried bee hoon, or porridge. Our lunches are cooked in-house and we do not serve pork and beef in our menu.

Yes. Our programmes are tailored with the aim of preparing them for primary school. Our children are equipped with the basic understanding, reading and writing skills. Besides, they are also confident in their communication skills and are socially and emotionally ready to enter into the main stream school.

Parent teacher meet is held twice a year in May and November. The teachers share the child’s developmental progress with the parents and also ideas to support the learning needs of the child.

Approximately maybe 2/3 cases of HFMD per term. We need a letter from the Doctor to certify that the child is fit to attend school after his/her sick leave.

We disinfect and wash our toys on a bi-weekly basis. On a daily basis, we wipe our toys with disinfectant or spray them with Lysol.

During normal circumstances, we allow external vendors to come in. However, if there is a pandemic or outbreak of H1N1 or HFMD, vendors are not allowed into the school premises.

It is helpful for parents to inform the kindergarten/class teacher at least one (1) week before the birthday celebrations so that an appropriate time and day can be arranged.

We have daily screening of the mouth and hands when the children arrive in school and if we do notice a child is not well, we will take his/her temperature. The child will be sponged if he/she is having a fever and we will contact the parent/caregiver to bring him/her to see a doctor.

As required by LTA, the school buses must have bus attendant to attend to the children. The School will provide you the contact details of the bus contractors. Please negotiate the charges directly with the bus contractors.

Being a Catholic Preschool, we teach our children prayers, Bible songs and stories. We usually tie in the Christian values such as love, compassion, forgiving, sharing and caring of self and neighbours etc. in our moral and character building lessons.

Our programme is developed to suit the age appropriateness of the developmental stages of the children across the whole cohort of the class. If a child is more advanced in his/her development, we will focus more on his/her leadership potential.

We have English Speech and Drama (once a week), Math, Robotics, Han Yu Pin Yin for the Nursery, K1 & K2 children. These are conducted outside school hours. Other programmes include gym and computer-aided training. These are conducted within curriculum time.

Usually we will talk and explain to the child why his/her “behaviour’ is not acceptable in a social context. If there is no improvement in the behaviour, we will discuss with the parents to come up with strategies to help the child. Cooperation and support from parents are essential for the child to change his/her behaviour.

We will assess the child first before enrolling the child into the programme. Some special needs children require 1:1 teacher pupil ratio which is not available in our preschool.

We have field trips twice a year.

Usually these visits are related to the theme of the term. Only the parents of the Pre Nursery Programme are allowed to accompany the children to the outings. As for the Nursery, K1 and K2 children, we would like to encourage children to be independent and to enjoy outing with their friends and teachers.

Yes. Our teachers either hold a Diploma in Pre School Teaching or Degree in Early Childhood.

Being an open compound, it is inevitable that mosquitoes may be found. However, we fog the surrounding frequently. The classrooms are sprayed with Baygon at the end of the day when the classes are over. For children who are mosquitoes prone, we advise parents to allow the child to wear a mosquitoes patch or to apply insect repellant on the hands and legs.

You can call the school at 6241 1802 to make an appointment with the Principal to visit the preschool with your child.


Respective level teachers are on duty to ensure that the children are being fetched by their own parents/ grandparents/ guardians.

One full calendar month’s written notice is required for withdrawal. The deposit will be returned when the notice of withdrawal (addressed to the Principal: principal@gsckg.edu.sg) is processed. Failing which the deposit will be forfeited.