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PSG Chairperson’s Message

Hello and a warm welcome to the Parents Support Group (PSG of Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten)! My name is May and I will be representing the PSG for 2019.

I have had many years being a parent volunteer and I would like to share with you why I continue to enjoy myself doing so at Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten.


It makes the children so happy to see their mums, dads or loved ones getting involved in their school activities. Just try one parent-children activity in school and you will see their pure joy having you around. There are so many activities that you can be involved in from arts and craft, reading or just being present at the playground during outdoor time.


Each of us has something to offer that will help grow and nurture the children. As parents, we are able to pass on our experiences to other children and in turn you will learn from the children the simpler things in life.

Personally, I have learned not only from the children but from the experienced teachers and other PSG members.


At the end of each year when I reflect at what PSG has achieved, it’s so satisfying to see that the children recognising you with either a wave or still chats about the activity that was done together.

Of course as parent volunteers we also satisfy our curiosity and anxiety about our “babies” being away from us in school!

Most importantly, our children will build their love of learning in school with our presence and support.

Therefore, if you would like to register with the PSG or even have a chat with me or the other PSG members, please feel free to email us at

Alternatively, you can enter the URL link or scan the QR code below.

We welcome EVERYONE whether you have an hour or a day to spare.

Thank you and look forward to working with YOU and OUR CHILDREN in this exciting year ahead!

May Ong, PSG Chairperson 2019

Code of Conduct For Parent Volunteers (PVs)

  • PVs should always be prepared to serve all children irrespective of class assigned

  • PVs may NOT be assigned to the class which their children are in

  • PVs should be ready and willing to help out in a different class or area than the one assigned on the day of an activity should there be unforeseen circumstances

  • PVs should always be impartial and fair in their dealings with the children

  • PVs should inform the level representative asap should they be unable to fulfil their commitment

Regular Activities

  • Reading
  • Outdoor activities
  • Fieldtrips
  • Concert rehearsals
  • Concerts

Festive and Special Events

Help is always needed with the planning and logistics of events such as Chinese New Year Celebrations, Teacher’s Day celebrations, Special Events, Year End Parties

Good Shepherd Covent Kindergarten provides a warm, nurturing and inclusive environment for my children’s pre-school years. The teachers are caring, engaging and are experienced in encouraging children to give the best of themselves. I deeply appreciate the holistic approach the school takes to learning.

Mrs Sharon Tan, mother of Tan Su Fern, Nursery

I like Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten for

* Teachers are experienced and always kind. The turnover for Teachers are not high which explains the environment is conducive.

* As it’s a Catholic Kindergarten it reinforces good values such as love, kindness and gentleness to students. Saying grace before meals is a good habit for students.

* Meals are prepared healthily by the school and it’s always fresh and good.

Mrs Linda Tham, mother of Amos Tham, K2

2 of my children have graduated and my youngest is graduating this year. They love the friendly and caring teachers and the cosy environment of the school.

Mrs Melissa Loh, mother of Stefan Loh, K2

Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten is one of the oldest and most reputed Kindergartens. The toddler program at the school provides a nurturing and educational environment for toddlers. The school is a warm and loving place for parents who are looking to educate their kids through fun. It has children coming from multi-cultural background. The school gives parents opportunities to volunteer in various activities and also participate in the various cultural festivals round the year. It also keeps communication with parents open all round the year. The Teachers are extremely loving and caring and my daughter in the last two years “under the guidance of her teachers have become very responsible , disciplined and has honed social skills well besides gaining confidence in both her English and Mandarin skills. The environment is all together very nurturing. The food provided to the kids at the school is prepared with utmost care and caters to the taste of the kids. We feel very fortunate to have found such a place for our daughter to grow and learn and we will forever be in debt to the wonderful teachers who have treated our child like their own.

Parents of Radhika Aggarwal, K1

Choosing GSCKG is hands- down one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our daughter. The nurturing, cosy setting and very experienced, caring and professional teachers made the difference in our child’s overall development, as it totally reflects positively in everything she does. There is a focus on involvement both for school and after school activities. My daughter loves to go to school and as a parent it makes me very happy!

Mrs Surabhi, mother of Kairaa, Nursery