Unlike English, Chinese characters are not phonetic but rather pictorial. Our programme will introduce your child to a new method of recognising Chinese characters effectively. Instead of learning discrete characters one at a time, children learn families of words as a group. The learning of these groups of words are further enhanced and made more interesting via the use of “Rhymes and Stories”. Each family of words is then knitted together via a short story told in the form of rhymes to help children remember the characters more effectively and efficiently. Together with the high frequency words, children can proceed to reading texts and books at a much younger age. With improved Chinese reading skills, your child’s interest and self-esteem will flourish and this will help develop your child’s Chinese language to its fullest potential.

Word Recognition

  • Be exposed to more than 2,000 words (2 years)
  • Understand word variation and how words are formed
  • Recognise 216 key words (common words, words that can be used to form other words, and words that are formed from other basic words) (2 years)
  • Recognise 100 high frequency words
  • Recognise words and word families Learn to use words to form meaningful “word combinations” · Learn 36 rhymes (2 years)